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What up ATIliens?!?  I hope by now most of you have seen Inception.  Most of us have seen it and definitely enjoyed it.  Even Reason’s convicted a$$ didn’t think that it contained any movie treachery.  I don’t want to do a full movie review and spoil the movie for our readers who have yet to see it.  Instead I’m going to touch on a few points:

  • Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio goes hard (NH), nuff said.  The dude from 3rd Rock From The Sun (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) has definitely grown up since then and has an amazing fight scene.  That Juno girl (Ellen Page) can get it.  Everybody else does their thing.  The cast was like Kimmy K, very well put together.
  • Plot: AMAZING.  Very original plot (not one of those remakes of an old movie that everyone in Hollywood is doing).  Plus, to think that it took 10 years to get this movie from an idea to screen is ridiculous.
  • Special Effects: ABSURD.  Without saying to much, the fight scenes are on point, as well as all of the dream sequences.  Fiyah.
  • Overall: All I can say is Inception has been:

-Hotdogs Anderson