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“Ok, I’m goin’ iiiiiin. excuse my charisma, vodka with a spritza, swagga down pat, call that ish patricia!”

It’s Friday and ATI has yet again gone onto life support as Passion has been making every effort to next day air our respective drawls down to Hades. My new years resolution is to try and bring the heat to ATI (no village people) and keep Passion at a reasonable level. In honor of Friday, I gotta take this opportunity to congratulate everyone for making it through the first 5 day work week in a long damn time. Nobody works Friday afternoons, so if you get a chance to hit this dance with a special somebody at any time today…make sure that special somebody has some cheeks.

Perfect example of men really enjoying the female caboose. They want to initiate contact with every part of their body. Can’t be mad at ’em…but shame on you for filming it and letting Grits capture your superior display of ig’nance. Shout out to Stosh for the look.

Happy Friday.


-Hotdogs Anderson

So its Monday, and I wanted to let everyone know I had a great weekend.


Lets Get a quick recap:

  • Friday: Living in NYC area/”Manford, CT”  for the past 3 years, I have become a pretty big Yankees fan.  Well their season ended by the hands/bats/pitching arms of the Rangers on Friday
  • Saturday: For the 3rd straight week, the #1 team in the Nation fell away from home (this time the Sooners), ND got crushed, but the worst thing for me is that, as a huge fan of MMA, Brock Lesnar got absolutely manhandled by a smaller man, Cain Velasquez, for the UFC Heavyweight title Saturday Night
  • Sunday: The Chicago Bears lose again, with Cutler throwing four INTs to only Deangelo Hall.    It made me feel like Cutler did against the Giants:

So after all of that this weekend, guess what day it is today???

Yep, Passion is going to chokehold the ish out of me today.  And it won’t get any better because, as we all know, Tuesday Passion is even worse than Monday Passion:

OHHH, this would be really bad

Just. Have. To. Survive.

-Hotdogs Anderson

-Hotdogs Anderson

It’s the Monday after a great weekend at the alma mater, so you know what that means: PASSION!!! I had a few free minutes in the day so I decided to hit a quick post to show y’all a ridiculous video from a football game in Ohio this past weekend:

That dude just hurdled a standing defender.  Oh by the way, the touchdown was called back because in Ohio HS football “hurdling a player who has a one or two feet on the ground is a penalty.”  That is the definition of Sports TreacheryPassion always wins.

-Hotdogs Anderson

God D*%n! Passion has been relentless this week. We apologize for not bringin’ the heat to ATI with more speed and violence, but my drawls have been hovering uncomfortably around my shins all week.

But here we go everybody, it’s Wednesday…the pivotal day. You could choose to take Wednesday as a slightly less Passionate weekday and ease your way to the weekend. OR, you could be a glass half empty kinda guy who lives in a depressed city with not much to work/live for like our friend Logic…and view hump day simply as a segway into Tuesday twin sister, Thursday.

However you choose to take in the onslaught (NHND), you gotta take Wednesday as a day where you get a good lunch in you. You still got 2 more days to hit the gym before the weekend, and you deserve to treat yourself. Get your taste buds in the mood, take your time with it, and then just give them the business. For this type of work lunch experience, I can only think of one place. You’ll have to go all the way to Oklahoma to get it, but Mr. Spriggs can hook it up. Happy Wednesday.

Peep the full version on Youtube…its ig’nance is only matched by its genius.  It WILL get stuck in your head of you let it.  “Falls right off the boooone”

-Grits and Gravy

It’s Friday ya’ll! Don’t be afraid to be overly excited, we’re easin’ our way right on through this day and into the coveted weekend. Take care of your business in the morning, take a nice long lunch(maybe treat yourself to a casual or two), and then open up that excel spreadsheet in the afternoon and sit there like you are working until 5 o’clock. Once you walk out those office doors, feel free to hit a little shimmy like Tyrone after finding half a crack rock in his drawls.

Grits is ready to get it in this weekend. I’m gettin my FIFA on and delivering a bender to the dome of our worthy adversary. Naturally, Passion has been shrunken to the size of a small child with the heavy artillery I have been throwing at it, I mean I’ve been perpetually peppering passion with piercing pellets of pure power(OHHH step your illiteration game up). This picture should describe where I stand with Passion for the weekend. Gotcha B**ch!!

Come Monday the roles will be reversed, but you gotta savour the flavor of every won battle. PEACE