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It’s ya boy Reason/Conviction. Sorry for the aggressive gap in time since my last post but passion (in its many forms) has  been droppin it in my draws in barbaric fashion.

Luckily the ATI goon squad has kept things going in impressive fashion, needless to say WE ALL WE GOT (WAWG). Even Logic has gotten back into the mix which in part has helped inspire my lazy arse. With that said just want to quickly share a Reasonable Thing to Live by:

Goons and Goonnettes alike, you should always try to lock in some event in the future (near or far) to help combat passion. Having things to generically look forward to is key to survival in the real world.

On the surface this would seem like common sense but in reality its harder than you would think. Work is endless and drains you of the desire to do much if anything in your spare time. If you work an 11 hour day, have 1-2 hours of travel time, and sleep 6-8 hours you are left with 3 -6 free hours of free time. You can maybe workout, shower, eat and get a vids sesh in that time.

If this is your daily grind you need to carve out time to hang with your goons. Recently me and my local goons have taken to getting casuals mid-week. Why? It breaks up the week and allows us to banter, booze and combat passion.

Have I been horrendously hung over on a Thursday? Yes, but this sesh is great each and every time. Doing such events, getting bigger things on the calendar (my goons can attest to a trip being booked 9 months in advance) and just generically hanging out will make you better.

So with Wednesday upon us (worst day of the week is nearly over) I hope all our readers can break away from hell desk, cube, office (if you ballin), etc. and grab some casuals get it in with your squad or even solo dolo (creep it up if need be).

Just refrain from getting overly tazed ….

Will be back to discuss people who get omnitazed and act sleep in random places in a later post.

Ya Boy,
Reason aka Roman Pierce


Passion has eased up going into year-end. With that said I got a quick rule for the ATI squad:

Never take connecting flights when traveling for a short weekend.

As I pointed out in a previous post Flying is a passionate affair. Absurd lines,  inept workers, generic delays, and my favorite treacherous flights (nonstop turbulence/unusual sounds) all reinforce my view that flying is a manifestation of passion.

With that said throwing in connections is pretty much guaranteed to up your passion levels even more. Think about it you are battling work passion, you are trying to minimize it by going somewhere for the weekend. You can’t really take a day off  so you decide to leave Friday night, then fly back Sunday afternoon.  But in order to do so you have to connect in “X” city. At this point Passion is already panning to drop it in your draws (DIIYD).

So you parlay said trip. You arrive in “X” city late due to any host of reasons (plain doesn’t work, plane arrives late to your gate, etc.). Then boom you are generically stuck in “X” city for a generically long time. You get to your final destination late or worse the next day. Now you have only one day to enjoy yourself. Then on Sunday the same ish happens on the way back. You either get to work on time with zero sleep or you have to take an unwanted day off.

PASSION KNOWS NO BOUNDS! (write that down). If  you can avoid connections please do so or just make room in your schedule to absorb the chicanery/tom foolery that is present-day flying.

Ya Boy,
Reason aka Conviction

Apologies lovers of Ignance, passion has had its evil grasp on me the past couple weeks. With that said here is a simple thing to live by for the fellas:

Men with Wives or GFs, be sure to reserve 1 day a week for your goons (i.e. goon time).

This is pivotal to maintaining a healthy ship (relationship) and will keep sanity levels high, passion levels low.

We have all seen it, the guy in the crew who gets a GF or gets married then “disappears”. This is totally and utterly unacceptable yet happens often. Dudes allow passion to trick them and make them think that all they need can be found in the new ship. Such thinking is dangerous and will undoubtedly make you a miserable shell of your former self.

You need balance, you need your boys.

Now don’t get me wrong between work, GF, scrill, kids, and generic time passion it can be hard to actually stick to this plan. But if you at least put forth your best effort to see/hang with your goons you will undoubtedly be better for it. Especially if you have kids, but in that case parlay your goon time during the week by way of post work generics/casuals (drinks).

Its tough but stick to that framework and you’ll at least keep passion (in all its forms) a bit lower.

Ya Boy,
Reason aka Conviction

This week’s rule I’d like to pass along is the following:

Don’t eat your Fast Food  in the Restaurants you got it at …. Ever.

I know initially you may think I’m just generically hating on fast food as a whole. This is not the case, I’m am all about rude food. In fact in most cases it is my first choice. Especially over the likes of Subway which is notorious for the patented Crack Price no Meat Technique (5 dollar Foot Long my arse, God I hate that place). Again this is not the case.

I do hate on sitting in these any of theses places (McDonald’s, BK, etc) and eating said rude food for any amount of time. There is almost never a good reason to do this as an adult. You have a car, apt, office nearby where you can enjoy this food, do it there. There is nothing appealing about these places sans it being air conditioned (good when extremely hot or cold). Worse if you are alone as there are few things more pathetic than eating in a public place (indoors) alone. Especially in a Fast Food joint, even worse reading a book (yes these ppl exist, who are  you?).  The QSR (Quick Service Rest.) is set up to get you your food “QUICKLY”. If you don’t need to sit and wait for your food, no need to eat it there.

My conviction is high on this b/c its a pet peeve of mine. But given my reasonable/logical nature I will give you a few scenarios in which it is ok to eat in a Fast Food spot:

– If you have kids. They are impatient and messy. Ok to g’nair
– If you are in High School and its your lunch break. Restaurant is likely better than your HS Caf so understand the Logic
– If you are driving a long distance and lack multi-tasking skills. No need to endanger other drivers since you can’t do multiple things.

These are pretty much the only instances (I can think of) that make this ok. So don’t do it. Instead crush McNuggets at your desk, annihilate Fries in your Car, and devour Tacos at home. Don’t eat at the Fast Food Restaurant you got your Food at and you will be better for it.

Ya Boy,
Conviction ….

After Bantering with my ATI brethren I thought it best to share with the readers on a weekly basis some things to consider better yet rules to live by. These will be short and sweet and may work to keep you on the right track in life, basically keep various forms of passion at low levels.

With that said here goes:

– Ladies, If a Man whom you don’t really date (ambiguous) calls you on a weekend or a “go out night” (i.e. Thursday) for the first time that day  post Midnight, do not enter into a sitch with him.

Now there are various caveats to this rule and one will need to see how their particular sitch stacks up (i.e. explicit understanding between parties). Still,  if you adhere to this rule then there is  minimal chance you will be or be considered a PSquad (Practice Squad), JO (Jump Off), or SOLR (Sitch of Last Resort).

All of these are negatives for you Ladies and such behavior allows us goons to continue to be goons. If he calls you for the first time post Midnight then guess what, he doesn’t like you. In fact he must really not like you cause he ain’t even want to let you know what he was getting into that night. Ladies we know you want it too (as Grits pointed out in a previous post, PCST) but ya’ll always complaining about respect and what not. If you want respect then at least cut this ish out.

– Men, If a woman hits you up for the first time post Midnight G’Nair, as long as she meets your minimum requirements (ex. +414, depends on the dude).  Granted you run the risk that she has been  parlaying previously and is in need of more D how you feel about this will depend on you individually of course. Generic Double Standards are hilarious btw.

See ya’ll next week….

Ya Boy,