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“Ok, I’m goin’ iiiiiin. excuse my charisma, vodka with a spritza, swagga down pat, call that ish patricia!”

It’s Friday and ATI has yet again gone onto life support as Passion has been making every effort to next day air our respective drawls down to Hades. My new years resolution is to try and bring the heat to ATI (no village people) and keep Passion at a reasonable level. In honor of Friday, I gotta take this opportunity to congratulate everyone for making it through the first 5 day work week in a long damn time. Nobody works Friday afternoons, so if you get a chance to hit this dance with a special somebody at any time today…make sure that special somebody has some cheeks.

Perfect example of men really enjoying the female caboose. They want to initiate contact with every part of their body. Can’t be mad at ’em…but shame on you for filming it and letting Grits capture your superior display of ig’nance. Shout out to Stosh for the look.

Happy Friday.


The people who witnessed this thought they were in for just your normal karaoke night at the local pub on a Sat.


GUFFAW!  Soulja Boy is happy someone is more trash that he is.  (Yes said service of SB was necessary)


Darkness aka Zack Galifiblackest

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA it’s ya boy Darkne$$ here.  If there is one thing that can get me to throw a random post out to the ATI following it’s a new ignant dance.  Those of you loyal followers know my love for the art of moving ignorantly to music.  Our people are starting to get really creative and look to the past for inspiration.

It hard to type this but this new dance sweeping the hood is called the BERNIE.   Yes that Bernie…the one from Weekend at Bernie’s the 1989 classic about a couple dudes who use a dead white guys to get tazed and smash whooties at his expense.  Now if you remember in the equally as ignant sequel Weekend at Bernie’s 2…Bernie gets a voodoo curse put on him and has to dance

Check our boy Bernie Lomax in action:
Now these ignant mofos who are making this a dance:

Absurdness…SMDHATIAP (Shakin’ My Damn Head At These Ignant Ass People)

With that said…My boy Cleotus and I will do this dance everytime.

Darkne$$ aka Warren Goon


Weezy is rolling over in his cell.

Weezy any words on this asinine display?


What’s REALLY good with everybody? I was on my usual Monday morning quest for entertaining videos on those internets when I came across this gold mine…Enjoy, but not too much.

LET’S GOOOOO Spelling Bee word pickers…you CAN’T be serious!

It is clear that this kid is having a mental battle of some kind during his turn. His generic questions like “Can you use it in a sentence?” and “What’s the language or origin?” are clearly meant to buy time to sort out his conflicted little mind. You HOPE that his inner turmoil is not simply how to spell the word, but rather does he want to participate in this particular spelling bee’s mockery of neegs everywhere? It’s hilariously coincidental that the origin and definition have direct ties to Ethiopia…cradle of CUFFIN civilization! Poor Andrew is in a hell of a spot…I know the little guy is from North Carolina but damn it’s 2010! THEN he’s got the judge chirpin like..Andrew..could you say the word nice and loud for the judges…just so EVERYone knows the absurdity of the word choice?? He knows what he did right after he spelled the word, hence his reaction 1:35 where it looks like Black Dynamite just appeared in front of him ready to teach him a lesson.

The black folks sitting behind little Andrew’s parents are completely stunned at 1:47…lookin around like “Does anybody else find this unbelievably effed up??” Sh*****t, it’s the world we live in I guess. Lil Jon’s ognant arse went ahead and took advantage.

-Grits and Gravy

Everybody have a good long weekend? I had an outstanding long weekend.  I was just inebriated enough all weekend not to think about the fact that despite the short work week, we start on the worst day of said work week.  Everybody having a good Tuesday? No? Me neither…Passion has my soul in a cold crack head grip today.  Don’t ask yourself why, simply refer to the Balance of Passion. Now about this time of day I try to get my viral video fix that will combat passion via moments of laughter and joy, but I usually stumble upon a lot of ignance during this harmless pastime. This is one of those times.

Ok…I know it’s the summer time and kids are bored.  Maybe some kids are looking to be the next youtube reason for white people to laugh at minorities superstar.  Please note: I am not glorifying this video.  Do I enjoy chicken and all its varieties? Of course.  Do I enjoy music? Of course.  While I do enjoy a comfortable level of nonsense, and maybe even tasteful forms of ignance…I just can’t get behind this due to the sheer blatant stereotypes it brings to the table.  And how is this kid’s pops gonna just walk behind him unfazed during this escapade nodding his head like “I’m so proud of you boy, sing about that cuffin’ chicken.”  Making fun of this ish is what got Dave Chapelle addicted to crack.  You can’t be publicly perpetuating this ish…A real good video would’ve featured your father giving you a hearty powder slap and telling you to get a summer job.  You’re better than that.

Main Entry: ser·vice·ber·ry
Pronunciation: \ˈsər-vəs-ˌber-ē also ˈsär-\
Function: noun
Etymology: 4service
Date: 1784

1 : the edible purple or red fruit of any of various North American trees or shrubs (genus Amelanchier) of the rose family
2 : a tree or shrub that produces serviceberries and has showy white flowers in the spring —called also Juneberry, shadblow, shadbush

For an audio pronunciation:

Ignant word, Ignant fruit…LG Webster, I appreciate you trying to educate people…but a serviceberry?  That’s not even consistent with the other respected berries of berrydom…it’s just nonsense.  The etymology is simply: 4 Service.  Self-Service via ingestion of serviceberries is not that New New.  However, feel free to distribute metaphorical serviceberries in your daily life to unruly co-workers, friends acting like Garys, or triflin’ hoes.  Distribution of said berries can be in the form of verbal assault, physical acostment, or other warranted attacks.  Darkne$$ has been growing his serviceberry tree for years…and picks at least five pieces of tangy fruit to distribute each morning.

So in honor of this ignant fruit, serve somebody today.  It’s all because you have hate in your heart in good fun.