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…for this:

This is the Anti-Bun Bouncer.  This dude needs good ole’ fashioned powder slap.

Actually probably not.  This dude is troubled.

-Hotdogs Anderson


Who actually certified this a "Street Banger???"

I dunno if ya’ll heard this garbage a$$ song yet but here it is:

That ish is Waka Flocka Whack.  But what’s worse is people uploading videos of themselves to Youtube singing the song.  For example:

No, No, No, NOOO!!! What in the name of decadence was that???  There is a pile of powder waiting for someone to slap the ish out of that “dude.”

This dude sums up how I am feeling about these retarded a$$ jiggas recording themselves to this song:

-Hotdogs Anderson

The people who witnessed this thought they were in for just your normal karaoke night at the local pub on a Sat.


GUFFAW!  Soulja Boy is happy someone is more trash that he is.  (Yes said service of SB was necessary)


Darkness aka Zack Galifiblackest

Ohhh this uggin Deion Sanders doesn’t take ish from anyone!!!

So Steve Mariucci decides to vote “Prime Time” #34 on the list of the Top 100 NFL players of all time.  Deion did not agree with that number.  And I wouldn’t either if i were him; just take a look at his stats:

  • 52 INTs for 1,331 yards (a 25.1 yards per return average)
  • 155 kickoffs returned for 3,523 yards
  • 212 punt returns for 2,199 yards
  • 7,838 all-purpose yards
  • 22 touchdowns: 9 INT returns, 6 punt returns, 3 kickoff returns, 3 receiving, and 1 fumble recovery
  • 8 Pro Bowls

That’s absurd.  So what did “Neon Deion” have to say about being voted #34?

YESSSSS SIRRRRR!!! That ladies and gentlemen was an actual powder slap on live TV.  That was the end of the show too.  That meant he had that baby powder in the pocket of his civil rights suit Steve Harvey suit Choppa Suit during the ENTIRE show.  When the moment was right, he reached in there,  poured a generous amount of it in his hand, took his arm back to last Wednesday, and SLAPPED THE ISH OUT OF MARIUCCI.

I actually don’t even feel bad for the coach.  He’s the only CCA person of non-color on the set, so he should know what he could be getting himself into, ESPECIALLY, with Deion and Michael Irvin on the set together.  They are “barely” fit to be on TV by themselves (be it NFL Network), let alone with each other.  Some say they are the epitome of “folk.”  The “Where’s My Powder” question doesn’t even need to be asked…because it’s on Mariucci’s face.  Tahst.

-Hotdogs Anderson

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA it’s ya boy Darkne$$ here.  If there is one thing that can get me to throw a random post out to the ATI following it’s a new ignant dance.  Those of you loyal followers know my love for the art of moving ignorantly to music.  Our people are starting to get really creative and look to the past for inspiration.

It hard to type this but this new dance sweeping the hood is called the BERNIE.   Yes that Bernie…the one from Weekend at Bernie’s the 1989 classic about a couple dudes who use a dead white guys to get tazed and smash whooties at his expense.  Now if you remember in the equally as ignant sequel Weekend at Bernie’s 2…Bernie gets a voodoo curse put on him and has to dance

Check our boy Bernie Lomax in action:
Now these ignant mofos who are making this a dance:

Absurdness…SMDHATIAP (Shakin’ My Damn Head At These Ignant Ass People)

With that said…My boy Cleotus and I will do this dance everytime.

Darkne$$ aka Warren Goon

WHAT?!?!?! Please look at the date on this headline.  Yep, it says Sep. 12, 2010.  At no point should the media use the word Negro in a newspaper headline or an article.  ATI’s resident counsel, Knowledge, will be in contact with you shortly.

REALLY?!?!  Y’all do it again???  Let’s go State Journal-Register.  Please stop with your blatantly racist writing.

They're Talking About Me!

Wait a second, you’re not a negro.

Yes I am!

What?  Oh you’re name is Madz Negro?  What the hell kind of name is that?  It sounds even worse than if it was just Negro.  I hope Madz is short for something like Madison or Matilda or something like that.  Do a Google image search for “Mad Negro” and what do you find?

Damn Madz, your parents did you dirty.  Actually your parents did the black community dirty.  They are probably laughing every time your name is announced at your cross country meets.  And for that we at ATI would like to write the parents a letter:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Negro (damn its hard to write that),

The writers at ATI formally requests, no actually demands, that you formally change your surname to African American.  The disgust that we feel when we see the headlines of your daughter’s cross country accomplishments is immeasurable.  It is simply unjust, inappropriate,  and downright offensive that your last name is Negro.  If you do not follow through with our demand, our general counsel, Knowledge, will be in contact with you.



P.S. If you don’t follow through, I am naming first born son Stale Saltine.  Seriously.

-Hotdogs Anderson

(P.S. Don’t take anything in this post seriously, all in good fun)


Weezy is rolling over in his cell.

Weezy any words on this asinine display?