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What’s really hood?

Every once and a while ATI will coin a new phrase, saying, or term that we just NEED to share with the rest of the world.  This is one of those times.  While discussing T.I.’s most recent arrest via email banter,  Confusion dropped some knowledge on us.

“T.I. suffers from Post Traumatic Og’nancy Disorder, PTOD. Defined as whenever one is set to make the right decision they are hit with a sudden rush of og’nancy, usually developed from being raised in a hood environment, that in turn forces them to make og’nant decisions.  Remedies: well there is no cure for this affliction but it can be treated by staying away from bad influences and products generally associated with the hood: purple drank, red drank, all colored dranks, the Vicks, firearms, ketchup and bread sandwiches, Pacman Jones, and Spam.  Famous people who have been diagnosed with PTOD = OJ, Shawn Kemp, Antonio Cromartie, Chris Brown, Ryan Leaf, etc…”

Wow, even Ryan Leaf suffers from PTOD.  Let us know who else in sporting, music, television, or movie worlds suffer from PTOD in the comment section.

-Hotdogs Anderson

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Posted: October 28, 2009 by Logic in Generic Banter
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Now I’m not that guy who’s hip, cool, and up to date on everything so I may have some of my facts wrong(part of being Logical is realizing you may not always be right, although I usually am) but twitter is just something that I can’t get behind. So let me get this straight, people have twitter accounts and others on twitter can choose to follow them or you can choose to follow others. People gain appeal by making posts in which they have up to 140 characters per post to tell the world whatever they please. These posts are call “Tweets”. Yes, tweets. I’m not making that up. Let that soak in…


George W. is even confused. Sheeeiitttt, wtf is a tweet? Ok, I’m Logical so I can see the interest in follwing your favorite celeb or favorite players every move, but I have a few  big problems. One, the constant self advertising. People are perpetually saying “follow me on twitter” at the end of interviews. Even on sports talk radio journalists and analysts are pimping their twitter accounts. Have you no dignity? Nope guess not. And can someone please explain to me, why you need to know when Terrell Owens is having a lovers quarrel with Rodney Harrison? Or when Kim Kardashian is baking a cake? True story she tweeted about that but by the looks of things Kim ain’t eating too much cake. But the thing that really irritates me, is people that don’t use their brains.  Recently a player for the Washington Redskins talked trash about the fans.

001092900Nah thats not him, thats a picture of Troy Aikman(probably after one of his many concussions, dude looks HURT). But what did Troy, myself, and Robert Henson have in common that day? None of us played in the game. Yea, he didn’t play, then called the fans dimwits and bragged about how much money he made.  I mean who is giving this dude advice, Michael Crabtree? Lets goooooooo. Rob, who do you think makes up your loyal following on Twitter? Redskins fans, because they are the only people who care about your non playing arse because I know I don’t. It would appear as if you are the Dimwit sir.  Check here for Other epic failed tweets(i cant believe I just used this word in a sentence). Here’s a list of the worst tweets that people make


The only thing worse than Twitter is the dreaded Facebook Status. As pointless as it is, at least twitter is meant for people to unnecesarily update their loyal followers on their lives, while Facebook is not.  I remember back when I was a freshmen in college and Facebook was actually cool, useful, and exclusive. Now, its just myspace sans the porn and music.  If it wasn’t such a good way to stalk girls keep in touch with my friends, I’d woulda been done de-activated my account. I mean Facebook is just an HR nightmare waiting to happen.  In the words of Donald Trump, “I’m Bankrupt You’re Fired”


Here, I want you to take the Facebook challenge. Go through your tagged pictures and find 10 in which you are not drunk or drinking.  Bravo if you could find 10(unless you have 1,000 pictures of you tagged, which is just dumb.  Unfortunately, these people do actually exist), but I bet you couldn’t. I know I can’t, I probably have less sober pictures than Derek Anderson had completions against the Bills(I’ll never not serve the Browns)

keg_stand2^^^Impressive. Im not kidding, here a few status updates on my homepage right now letter for letter symbol for symbol:

  • Going for a run after watching party at the hard rock hotel lmao. pl ❤
  • Is it too early to be thinking christmas presents for my friends and family?
  • K so I busted out the old “about me” mini-novel from myspace days for every1 sooo enjoy*!! hahaaaa…ill b going to a happier & bubblebath in the cuzzzzzziiii for meee. yuP ahh k later =]*
  • is now censoring my opinions that i post on my status cause people lik eto read into and disect everything and take is as a personal shot at them……oh wait whats that thisis my page and im in a country that preaches freedom of speech…..damn i almost forgot….F**K OFF!!!!!!

I mean damn, I couldn’t have made those up if I tried. Those aren’t even some of the ridiculous ones I see sometimes like “Bored, whats up Facebook?!”  There’s gotta be something better for people to do with their time, or maybe people are just brainwashed and think this is a good thing to do.  Either way Twitter + Facebook x Dumb people=Go away please.

In other news, we here at ATI decided its about time we branch out and try to reach a new audience. So you can find us here on Twitter. Soon to come, a Facebook page with constant status updates

Damn, your boy is shameless. Oh well

-Logic aka hater of all things aka alias



As Logic stated before, a Facebook page was coming soon.  Well soon really means now.  So Become a Fan on Facebook.

-Hotdogs Anderson