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What up ATIliens???  It’s Thursday for you but it’s my Friday.  Don’t have to work tomorrow since I’ll be posted up at the Yankee’s game.  You babe, have that.  The new season of Top Chef started last week, so in honor of that this weeks Area Code of the Week is the host, Padma Lakshmi.

Looks like she likes Chocolate...good for us

Dear Padma,

Please continue to do that.



Let’s start out with the face:

Padma has that exotic look to her.  She’s also got that older woman appeal.

She’s defintely a Nolan because she’s almost 40 and still bringing the heat.  I’m going to give her an 8.

Now for the binary code a.k.a. would you.  That’s clearly a 1.  Let’s go.  Nuff said.

And on to the body.  Let’s take a peak at what she’s working with:

OOOOOOO, me likey.  She’s definitely working with a model type midsection and some nice J’s.  Plus she’s looking pretty damn sexy in that lingerie.  We need to see what she’s working with from the backside too though:

That’s definitely a nice little model booty but it’s not poppin’ enough for ya man Hotdogs.  It’s definitely good enough for these dudes though:

"We am NOT looking at these lobsters"

I’m going to give Padma a 7 for the body. She can definitely cook for me any time.   Maybe we can open up a restaurant together on the corner of Beat Street and Sesh Avenue.

That makes her an 817 meaning she’s chillin’ down in Ft. Worth, TX.  Who has ever made eating a burger sexier than this?

What do y’all think?

-Hotdogs Anderson