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From the CCA who brought you Double Dream Hands

comes the new Double Dream Feet:

What in the world made this guy think this dance up?  It’s hilarious yet turrible at the same time.

Charles Barkley does not approve and neither does ATI:

-Hotdogs Anderson

Man cuff these bish a$$ uggins, How y’all doin?

I’m Lil’ Tunchi, I’m a nuisance, I go stupid, I go dumb like the 3 Stooges

That song goes hard (even Sisquo Jr. Chris Brown).  But this dude right here does not go hard (NH):

He is definitely on something or is dumber than the 3 Stooges.  I wonder what he’s really listening to on his throwback Walkman?

What does Breezythink about this version of the video?

-Hotdogs Anderson


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Let’s Go…

Ohhh this uggin Deion Sanders doesn’t take ish from anyone!!!

So Steve Mariucci decides to vote “Prime Time” #34 on the list of the Top 100 NFL players of all time.  Deion did not agree with that number.  And I wouldn’t either if i were him; just take a look at his stats:

  • 52 INTs for 1,331 yards (a 25.1 yards per return average)
  • 155 kickoffs returned for 3,523 yards
  • 212 punt returns for 2,199 yards
  • 7,838 all-purpose yards
  • 22 touchdowns: 9 INT returns, 6 punt returns, 3 kickoff returns, 3 receiving, and 1 fumble recovery
  • 8 Pro Bowls

That’s absurd.  So what did “Neon Deion” have to say about being voted #34?

YESSSSS SIRRRRR!!! That ladies and gentlemen was an actual powder slap on live TV.  That was the end of the show too.  That meant he had that baby powder in the pocket of his civil rights suit Steve Harvey suit Choppa Suit during the ENTIRE show.  When the moment was right, he reached in there,  poured a generous amount of it in his hand, took his arm back to last Wednesday, and SLAPPED THE ISH OUT OF MARIUCCI.

I actually don’t even feel bad for the coach.  He’s the only CCA person of non-color on the set, so he should know what he could be getting himself into, ESPECIALLY, with Deion and Michael Irvin on the set together.  They are “barely” fit to be on TV by themselves (be it NFL Network), let alone with each other.  Some say they are the epitome of “folk.”  The “Where’s My Powder” question doesn’t even need to be asked…because it’s on Mariucci’s face.  Tahst.

-Hotdogs Anderson

Tuesday is the worst day of the week….fact. Good to know it isn’t killing Carlton’s swag though.

The moves at :21 are serious…

Hmmmmm, that ain't Tiger's Ex-wife...

Let’s wager some guesses:

So Tigerhoe #11 (or #12, or #13, 0r #24; who knows) / porn star Devon James is attempting to sell a sex tape featuring Eldrick, herself, and a “3rd party.”

Apparently she’s shopping it to Vivid today.  What is her asking price???



In the words of Cleo, “Tiger paid off the wrong hoes.  Let’s goooo Woods.  Pay off the chick that got you on tape doing dirty ish!”  This chick had the nerve to say

If Vivid won’t pay enough, we’re going to self-release the tape… It’s going to be the bomb.

The BOMB?  Bish this ain’t 1995.  No one is rocking Saucony’s and Girbaud jeans.  She also said this of the tape:

The tape is 62 minutes long and 37 minutes of it is us having sex.

What the hell are ya’ll doing the other 25 minutes???  Is Tiger teaching you how to putt?  Is it a conversation between the two of you about his red shirts on Sundays?  Or is it something really dirty like some R. Kelly ish?

Either way Tiger, you best throw this chick an a$$load of money so this tape doesn’t see the light of day.  Because if it does, say goodbye to EVERY sponsor you have.

-Hotdogs Anderson

It’s the Monday after a great weekend at the alma mater, so you know what that means: PASSION!!! I had a few free minutes in the day so I decided to hit a quick post to show y’all a ridiculous video from a football game in Ohio this past weekend:

That dude just hurdled a standing defender.  Oh by the way, the touchdown was called back because in Ohio HS football “hurdling a player who has a one or two feet on the ground is a penalty.”  That is the definition of Sports TreacheryPassion always wins.

-Hotdogs Anderson