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Man it’s been hotter than the back of a fat person’s knee outside.   These are the days I’m glad I work in my hell cube and not in the streets building ish or something.   But anyway you know what time it is ATIliens…MTK time!

This week we’ll be taking a look a couple of tenderonies that were child stars and are all grown up.    Lets get to it:



You all remember the little sweetie Olivia on the Cosby show…well Raven done grew up and.   Most would describe her as a whole lotta woman…but she does pull it off. Now Raven has cornered the Nickelodeon kids show market and is getting crazy Micky Mouse cheese.   This broad is the queen of playing characters way younger than you really are.  It a tough game that most like Nick Cannon, Hilary Duff, and Keenen Thompson couldn’t last in once they start pushing the mid-twenties and had to move on to other things.   The face is that kids like dumb stuff on Disney and Nickelodeon but how long can she keep it up.   Now I could consider marrying her for her money but she is just too damn annoying and I can’t be walking the red carpet at the Kids Choice Awards.   I could just get up in those guts but ehhhh that ain’t nothing to brag about.  So I decided to put the old girl down before she fades into oblivion when she figures out there is no life after children’s television.  Someone give this broad a Blue’s Clue…you done.

Hayden Panettiere


Now remember the titans came out Hayden was only 10 years old and I was 17.  Now I’m just saying that even back then at 10 you could tell she was going to be pretty one day.   DON’T JUDGE ME!  Well who cares she’s 20 going on 21 now so she is fair game.   When she came back in Heroes everyone was like “see…I told you that lil girl from Remember the Titans was going to be hot!”.   She is bringing that fiyah but in a ‘I could totally get with that chick because she’s hot but looks like a regular old shawty that would be ’round the way’ kind of way.    She is built like a gymnast and played a cheerleader on heroes which equals flexibility and pep in the sack.  Both are key features when playing hide the sword.  Also lately she’s been dressing a lil sluttier and acting like a dirty girl which mean she’s ready to shed that good girl image and get with Darkne$$.

Tatyana Ali


Yes please!  Ashley Mothacuffin’ Banks!  Marry all the way.  She is perfect for ya boy because she is still getting that Fresh Prince money but she’s not too busy with work right now. (at least I ain’t see her in ish lately) As you can see she’s all grown up and looking fly like a paper airplane.  She’s got that education from Harvard so you know she  is ready to bring in that guap by any means necessary.   Oh and my wifey can sing…remember that joint she had…what was it called???????   Oh yea Day Dreamin’…check it out!

Damn that was terrible…ummm…I mean good job baby girl!  She’s a go getta.  Darkne$$ will just be able to focus on his hustle game like devoting more time to ATI and freestyling with the goons.  Life is good.  I’m bout to head to Bel-air…I’m ready to make a deposit in Ashley’s banks.

Darkne$$ aka Biz Darkie