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ATI-liens stand up!

I’mmmmmmmmmmmmm back like Mike Vick!  After a full summer of straight gooning ATI is about to get back on track.  Huge shout out to Cleotus for holding ATI with fictional content.  He swooped in and saved ATI like Weezy saved Hip Hop.   The truth is that ya boy Darkne$$ has been stepping up his corporate thuggin’ which has been preventing me from my usual hot fiyah via blogging.   But no worries I’m back.

The summer was as egregious as you would think a Darkne$$ summer would be.   It included weekly midweek boozing, ballin’ at clubs, putting balls in cups, out of country trips to holla at ‘Parlez Vouz’, trips to pancake city, crushin’ Firefly, straight westcoastin’, one really ignant ass family reunion, teachin’ fools how to dougie, Manford millionaires, daytrippin to DC to get my Breezy F. Baby on, and overall generics.

But rest assure we are back to your regularly scheduled ignance.  Expect high levels of nonsensicalness from Darkne$$, Cleotus, Hotdogs, Grits, and Banter.   WE BOUT TO GO HAM!

It’s Friday…so you know we bout to turn some ish out this weekend.  TIME TO LET THE FUN OUT SO LADIES WATCH OUT!

Off to fill the quota with Cleotus at a wedding this weekend.

Darkne$$ aka Dark Sanchez



Posted: September 11, 2010 by Cleotus Jenkins aka the Slow Stroka in Generic Banter
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yes that is just a black square

MTK: Marry, Tap, Kill

Posted: September 10, 2010 by Cleotus Jenkins aka the Slow Stroka in Area Codes, MTK: Marry, Tap, or Kill
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YESSSSSSIR I’m delirious right now. I’m in a state of limbo. It’s a mixture of drunk and tired. Terrrrrible. I’m attempting a one man resuscitation of ATI.

I’m going to be Mariano Rivera and come in for relief for Darkne$$.

I’m attempting to decide who to marry, tap, kill the following chicks: the school cafeteria lady, the school guidance counselor and the school secretary.



I would marry the hell out of a guidance counselor.

Let’s be honest, they don’t guide shit. You already know what colleges you want to apply to and they never dissuade you from applying to that “reach school”. let’s goooooooo. People, your parents should be your guide. Parents, stop pushing off your duties to a middle aged plump woman with two master degrees in education. How come all the counselors really do look like the above picture? Slightly plump with 32 D’s and wearing a turtle neck. They always happy too. So I know she ain’t bringing any of her work shit home at night. I can get peaceful sleep with her chirping in my ear about some kid.


I would tap the ass of that lunch lady.

Look at them mixed peas and carrots. HA! How come every lunch lady is black? You could be in Greenwich, Connecticut and still see a negro lady serving up some slop at a boarding school. I wouldn’t mind beating them cakes while she’s wearing an apron and hair net. Also, I can’t forget the gravy fragrance. hmmmmm Oh yeah, I want her to have a ladle in one hand. SEXY


The school office secretary.

She needs to die because she pretty much sucks. All she does is snitch on students all day. She smiles all up in ya grill while she is ratting on your ass in the principal’s office. I ain’t ever met a male school secretary. This snitch has got to go. 

I’m out!

Ron Artest was a Tru Warier in Game 7, helping the Lakers win another Championship.

Definitely wouldn't win a spelling contest

He’s also has been celebrating day in, day out since winning the Championship.

Forget champagne, it's all about vodka showers!!!

I guess he found time to hit the studio and drop this song though:

Dear Ron,

Please keep seeing your psychiatrist.


The World

Just in case you were wondering, the preceding video has been ATI Approved for extreme ig’nance and ATI Disapproved for turrible musical abilities.

-Hotdogs Anderson and DARKNE$$

Like me…I’m sure you’ve been taking down some LNRB while watching Fresh Prince at 3am when this commercial comes on.

This was my reaction when I saw it.

Will-NOOOO Pictures, Images and Photos

Upon the completion of my drunk guffaw I immediately tried to YouTube this to find the video.  But then I realized I was too busy laughing to know what the hell the site was.   So after failed attempts at Google’ing: annoying chick rapping, dancing and singing commercial, terrible lady singing about being stupid, and 3am commercial TV One…I gave up.   To my surprise I was sitting watching Fresh Prince again this morning (Fresh Prince is a great show) and this commercial comes on!  It turns out its about getting into college after you realize your are a failure.    I was happy to find it and bring it to the attention of ATI.

This is a terrible yet hilarious commercial.  I really feel bad for anyone who actually wants/needs to use the service of Education Connection.   You probably should consider just taking the hint that you weren’t meant to go to college.

After watching this video a couple of times I really am annoyed with this broad.   Your rap skills are wiggity wack.    If  anyone of our loyal followers runs into her please give her a swift kick to the back of the head…that’ll shut her up.


Education Connection: ATI Disapproved

Kicking people down some bleachers:  ATI Approved

Darkne$$  aka Buddy Love To

After slackin’ on our pimpin’ and some extensive email banter, ATI has decided to make the week of June 14th, 2010 “Area Code of the Week” Week.

Is she a 919?

Each day this week you’ll get a new Area Code of the Week to spark your work, school, internship, or unemployment banter.   So get ready for some 919s, 616s, 415s, and even maybe a 302.

-Ya Guys at ATI