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Yeah, this life is something I would die for
Octobers Own, but it’s lookin’ like July 4
I just wish they’d let you try it first
This time I’m really goin off, fireworks

Drake has it right.  July 4th is coming and so is the Firefly so are the fireworks.  Parties, pool parties, and BBQ’s will be abundant this Sunday.  Mad food, mad women, great banter, bags, beirut, and great music will be a part of ATI’s 4th of July celebrations.

Speaking of music, it’s time to throw it back for two more Bun Bouncers that should be bumping on your party’s playlist this weekend.  This week I’m coming in hot with the Ghost Town DJs – “My Boo” and Wreckx-N-Effect – “Rump Shaker”

OHHHHH both videos are so og’nant.  I definitely need to take my car to get washed by those two shawties in the Ghost Town DJs video (even though I am not pushing a Range Rover).  Plus there are soooo many ethnicities represented, So So Def must have been like a United Nations of booty.  Then you have Rump Shaker…the video starts with a chick on the saxophone.  A SAXOPHONE!!! That is so ridiculous.  For ATI’s debut single (Beat Street) we are going to have women on the accordion.  That ish is gonna be Big Tymer$ fly.  On top of that Pharrell ghost wrote Teddy Riley’s verse…right out of high school.  This song came out in 1992.  I don’t know if y’all know this but that puts Skate Board P damn near 40 now.

Have a great long weekend (if you have one) and Happy Independence Day.

-Hotdogs Anderson


Update: After viewing the video DARKNE$$ hit me up on gChat with the following:  “At the 1:10 mark there are neegs with life jackets on in the pool.  Either learn how to swim, or get out of the water.  You’re making us amphibian negros look bad.”

It’s Friday Baaaaabay! (said like Young Mula Baby)

Time to take your FUN out of your hell cube drawer and get silly!  Every time I see this Dave and Busters commercial it makes me wish I had a little version of me to go boozing with!  The amount of absurd fictional stupid macnoogle shenanigans that would take place would be enough to land me beside Weezy F in Rikers.  Peep the commercial.

“We gon’ get some wings right? Cuz you love wings, I love wings, who wouldn’t love wings?!” – Hahahaha true story.

That is a great commercial because it’s true…we all got a little fun in us.  You fun is what has you going out to put balls in cups on a random Tuesday night even though you are suffering severe Tuesday Passion.  A typical night out with my fun would go a little something like this…

Upon COB (close of business for all you non cube dwellers) on Friday my fun would roll up out the job on a skateboard Bart Simpson style and get home before me to make a couple of Firefly and Lemonades.   After having an epic game of Madden where my fun is too drunk to play allowing me to win by 4 touchdowns, we decide what we are going to wear for the night.  I’m thinking a nice button down and jeans, but my fun is like “Jigga please…thrown on that t-shirt that says BUCK MY SALLS”.  By now I’m a couple glasses of Firefly deep so who am I to argue.   While I shower my fun is hitting up Conviction, Hotdogs, and Booze’s fun to see what going on.   We decide on a establishment to consume adult beverages post pregame beruit action.   Of course while playing ruit my fun decides we need an unnecessary side beer.  Upon loosing the game my fun (not me) would say the game is BS, flip the table, and say the cups are racist…typical tazed behavior.  On that note everyone leaves to hit the bar.  I asked my fun to let me do all the talking when it comes to the ladies…this never happens. While spitting respectable Babyface type game to 717s my fun always steps over the line.  Whooties are usually impressed by my stanky leg abilities and want me to teach them.  Before I can say yes my fun would say “Want to see my real stanky legg?”  GAME OVER.  My fun apologizes and offers to buy some shots…Washington Apples of course.  This smooths things over and the loss of said females sends us into a downward spiral of tazement which involves: ninja style quiet puking in a cup, ridiculous dances, random inappropriate gestures and touching, absurd banter, freestyling on the dance floor, daps and pounds, lowering standards, and post establishment DEGA plans.  At said DEGA my fun says he’ll order for us.  I ask him to get me a turkey sandwich and he tells the guy to “make my sandwich ho” and ask for every meat possible.  While trying not to puke I didn’t notice that I paid for 2 bags of chips, 3 gatorades, some jalapeno hot salsa sunflower seeds, Oreos,  and a box of peanut butter captain crunch.  I was wondering how a sandwich could cost $30.  After the feast…I pass out fully clothed while my fun strategically places food in and around my bed to have a laugh when I wake up. GREAT NIGHT!

What my fun would look like

Hahaha my fun is a fool!  It’s the weekend…GET YO DRINK ON AND GET YOUR FREAK ON!

Darkne$$ aka Moby Dark