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WHAT?!?!?! Please look at the date on this headline.  Yep, it says Sep. 12, 2010.  At no point should the media use the word Negro in a newspaper headline or an article.  ATI’s resident counsel, Knowledge, will be in contact with you shortly.

REALLY?!?!  Y’all do it again???  Let’s go State Journal-Register.  Please stop with your blatantly racist writing.

They're Talking About Me!

Wait a second, you’re not a negro.

Yes I am!

What?  Oh you’re name is Madz Negro?  What the hell kind of name is that?  It sounds even worse than if it was just Negro.  I hope Madz is short for something like Madison or Matilda or something like that.  Do a Google image search for “Mad Negro” and what do you find?

Damn Madz, your parents did you dirty.  Actually your parents did the black community dirty.  They are probably laughing every time your name is announced at your cross country meets.  And for that we at ATI would like to write the parents a letter:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Negro (damn its hard to write that),

The writers at ATI formally requests, no actually demands, that you formally change your surname to African American.  The disgust that we feel when we see the headlines of your daughter’s cross country accomplishments is immeasurable.  It is simply unjust, inappropriate,  and downright offensive that your last name is Negro.  If you do not follow through with our demand, our general counsel, Knowledge, will be in contact with you.



P.S. If you don’t follow through, I am naming first born son Stale Saltine.  Seriously.

-Hotdogs Anderson

(P.S. Don’t take anything in this post seriously, all in good fun)

Let’s Go…

Posted: June 30, 2010 by Hotdogs Anderson in Generic Banter
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Really???  This little kid says it the best:

Ed Lover want’s to say something too:

(Props to Knowledge on the picture)

-Hotdogs Anderson

Bottles in Buckets

(Excuse the surroundings of the picture, just focus on the bottles).  In the War Against Passion (WAP) it is important to know what weapons or tools exist to fight that which shall not be named (but was already named, so just keep it moving).  I introduce to you one of the Weapons of Passion Destruction (WAPD): Bottles In Buckets…more specifically, ice cold bottles of that sweet nectar in an aluminum bucket to allow maximum coldness.  You may ask, how it works? How does a simple thing as a six pack in a bucket of ice become a WAPD? Just look at the picture again, tell me you instantly don’t relax when you see a handful of bottles just taking a lil nap on a bed of ice? It almost makes you want to get up out of your hell cube chair and proceed straight to the closest establishment that serves this frosty treat. So…with the summer and outdoor/day drinking on the horizon…we bring you bottles in buckets….live well…stay frosty

-Knowledge…aka Knowledge Intelligence Agency….aka KI6….”00K”