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Alright…we’ve heard about it, we’ve read about, but I know we haven’t seen too much of this week’s ACOTW. Is this a completely predictably ACOTW? Yes. Does anybody care because we all wanna see more of this pretty little thing? Yes. Are we at ATI shamelessly trying to capture some website hits from hornballs looking for Jenn Sterger pics? Oh yes.

The ATI crew has been bantering, obviously, about the Brett Favre Jenn Sterger “scandal” and I have a few WTF questions/points. The first and most important statement is not only to Brett Favre, but to all self respecting men out there: Don’t take pictures of your D piece, and if for some reason you do, Don’t send these pictures to ANYONE. Seriously, how are you gonna just be chilling there, with nothing on but a pair of crocs, and snap a picture of your flacid self?? THATS NOT OKAY! I’ll give points for supa ig’nance, but let’s go…you can look at it whenever you want, it’s hanging right there between your legs. And barring an extremely unfortunate act of God and/or science, it’s going to be there for a while. It’s not like your dick looks better on any given day…”Oh my sh*t is looking good today, lemme snap a quick pic and post it to my mobile uploads..” You sir, are an idiot. I don’t even know why people call it a scandal anyway, Brett didn’t even g’i’nair. He, like most men out there, finds Ms. Sterger extremely attractive…so he tried to have sex with her. LOGIC. Whatever, let’s get into it already.

Lemme see if I remember how to do this. Ahh yes, face. Jenn Sterger’s face is really attractive. She’s a tan white girl with some attitude and a face that says, “Let’s talk football, then let’s talk about how good looking I am, then let’s talk about you sending me a picture of your hang dang…”

I’m gonna go ahead and give her a solid 8 on the face game, she’s bringin’ heat with those eyes and soft features(soft features is a nonsensical term we throw around that essentially means she’s easy to look at).

Next up we have the binary. A quick shot to refresh your memory of what we’re working with…

well…I don’t know, maybe another angle?

Ok, I guess I’ll give her a 1. Goodness gracious. Alright now, on to category #3: body. I can’t imagine dear old Jenny would score that high in this category, God bless her, but let’s examine.

PAGAGAGAGAGA hooray for me billy! Jenn is working with a pretty serious stomach game, and she is clearly all set with her J game. I’m sure those sweater cows are harder than a marble counter top, but I’m not going to sit here and hate on a girl who is simply trying to enhance her assets and jump a couple rounds in the draft. The girl obviously stays in shape, you can tell by the lean and athletic build. Jenny’s friends are early round pics as well, gotta love a group of females that just roll out to a club in some swimsuits. One more pic for good measure…

Wapap! Jenn’s tail is what you would expect, very on par with the rest of her body. It’s not going to blow you away like her girl in the middle(DAMN), but it’s definitely there…and it’s definitely very nice. I mean i’m not quite sure what else to say other than I like looking at it. For the final number I’m going with a 7.

Every man, at least every happily single man, can and should pursue a 817 as fine as Jenn Sterger…so I can’t really hate on Favre. At the end of the day, it would be very tough to refuse her a dong shot if you knew it would pay dividends. Sad but true…sometimes it’s necessary to get a little freaky via your mobile device. What’s the worst that could happen?

Oh yea…my bad Eldrick.

What do y’all think?

Payday tomorrow, IM RIIICH BIITCH



In the words of Logic, “I was finna” drop a new music post today… until I saw this:


That was just pure trash.  Let’s get a quick review:

  • Big a$$ heffa? – Check
  • Horrible rap name? – Check
  • Egregious stunna shades? – Check
  • Unnecessary grill? – Check
  • Ridiculous chest tatt? – Check
  • Too many Ed Hardy summer dresses? – Check
  • Random Black cosigner? – Check
  • Weird hair do involving ROYGBIV colored streaks? – Check
  • Ol’ girl’s kids making a cameo in the song? – Check
  • L.A. Gear light-up heels? – Check
  • TURRIBLE, TURRIBLE, TURRIBLE lyrics? – Double Check

This is just straight up whack.  There’s nothing else you can say about it.  Hi Dolla Honey needs to go back to her day job as that ghetto a$$ secretary at Mo Money Taxes:

-Hotdogs Anderson

P.S. Make sure you play close attention to when she has her grill out.  HER TEETH ARE SO BUSTED!!!  She needs to keep that grill in at all times.

Summer vacations and trips…sooooooo necessary.  Passion beats the hell out of you during the year.

The only way you can try to get away from Passion is by actually getting away.  You can never really get away though, Passion knows no bounds.  It will follow you to the airport, delay your flight, sit you next to a fat person or some kids, or even cancel your flight.  If you’re taking a road trip, Passion will follow you in its own car

The Passionmobile

Passion will then make your passengers need to stop and piss, cause traffic, road closures, and detours, and last but not least cause your car to brake down.  Damn you Passion.  Since it’s a never ending battle against Passion, I’m gonna hook you up with two summer throwbacks to help the fight by adding them to your travel playlist.

T.W.D.Y. ft. Too $hort – Player’s Holiday

Trick Daddy – Take It To Da House

Damn, I forgot how ig’nant Trick Daddy was.  Slip-n-Slide basketball team???  Let’s Go…  And who names their record label Slip-n-Slide?  That is a toy.  This just in:  ATI has hired Trick Daddy to run its new start up label Skip It Records.

-Hotdogs Anderson

Darkne$$ back to hit you with another ig’nant dance that’s popping up on the information super highway.   This dance is so ig’nant it needs no explanation.

Dancing will never be the same…and neither will this chick.

gifki 011 A few gifs to cure any hangover

My catalog of moves continues to grow.

Darkne$$ aka Black Efron

What up ATIliens???  It’s Thursday for you but it’s my Friday.  Don’t have to work tomorrow since I’ll be posted up at the Yankee’s game.  You babe, have that.  The new season of Top Chef started last week, so in honor of that this weeks Area Code of the Week is the host, Padma Lakshmi.

Looks like she likes Chocolate...good for us

Dear Padma,

Please continue to do that.



Let’s start out with the face:

Padma has that exotic look to her.  She’s also got that older woman appeal.

She’s defintely a Nolan because she’s almost 40 and still bringing the heat.  I’m going to give her an 8.

Now for the binary code a.k.a. would you.  That’s clearly a 1.  Let’s go.  Nuff said.

And on to the body.  Let’s take a peak at what she’s working with:

OOOOOOO, me likey.  She’s definitely working with a model type midsection and some nice J’s.  Plus she’s looking pretty damn sexy in that lingerie.  We need to see what she’s working with from the backside too though:

That’s definitely a nice little model booty but it’s not poppin’ enough for ya man Hotdogs.  It’s definitely good enough for these dudes though:

"We am NOT looking at these lobsters"

I’m going to give Padma a 7 for the body. She can definitely cook for me any time.   Maybe we can open up a restaurant together on the corner of Beat Street and Sesh Avenue.

That makes her an 817 meaning she’s chillin’ down in Ft. Worth, TX.  Who has ever made eating a burger sexier than this?

What do y’all think?

-Hotdogs Anderson

These two fans in Utah served Kobe’s fashion sense on Saturday: 

Then Kobe asked the Jazz fans “how his a$$ taste.” I think they said it tasted like 35 pts, 7 dimes, and a 3-0 series lead (NH).

-Hotdogs Anderson

So Vanessa Bryant decided that Kobe should take some turrible pictures Kobe Bryant was recently ask to model for some article in the LA Times Magazine.  The pics are just trifflin’:

That is just a collage of decadence.  What’s even funnier are the photoshopped pictures people have put online.  Let’s take a peek at some:

"Kobe phone home"

Taste it Kobe.

LG Kobe.  How about a MJ impression:

Damn.  Hungry, how about some Kobe Oats:

And here’s my personal favorite (NHND):

HAHAHAHAHA.  Some people have too much time on their hands.

-Hotdogs Anderson

(Props to Deadspin on those photoshoped pictures)