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…for this:

This is the Anti-Bun Bouncer.  This dude needs good ole’ fashioned powder slap.

Actually probably not.  This dude is troubled.

-Hotdogs Anderson


Who actually certified this a "Street Banger???"

I dunno if ya’ll heard this garbage a$$ song yet but here it is:

That ish is Waka Flocka Whack.  But what’s worse is people uploading videos of themselves to Youtube singing the song.  For example:

No, No, No, NOOO!!! What in the name of decadence was that???  There is a pile of powder waiting for someone to slap the ish out of that “dude.”

This dude sums up how I am feeling about these retarded a$$ jiggas recording themselves to this song:

-Hotdogs Anderson

This dude needs to follow up that entire video with a big ol’

In NO way should a rainbow ever make you that giddy.  Nor should it make you sound like you are smacking it to said rainbow (NH).  NOR should it make you cry.   Guy in the video, you are decadent and addicted to PCP or on shrooms.  Where’s my powder?

-Hotdogs Anderson


UPDATE: If you need a little info on Pause, I’ll let the Boondocks explain it to you:

Like me…I’m sure you’ve been taking down some LNRB while watching Fresh Prince at 3am when this commercial comes on.

This was my reaction when I saw it.

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Upon the completion of my drunk guffaw I immediately tried to YouTube this to find the video.  But then I realized I was too busy laughing to know what the hell the site was.   So after failed attempts at Google’ing: annoying chick rapping, dancing and singing commercial, terrible lady singing about being stupid, and 3am commercial TV One…I gave up.   To my surprise I was sitting watching Fresh Prince again this morning (Fresh Prince is a great show) and this commercial comes on!  It turns out its about getting into college after you realize your are a failure.    I was happy to find it and bring it to the attention of ATI.

This is a terrible yet hilarious commercial.  I really feel bad for anyone who actually wants/needs to use the service of Education Connection.   You probably should consider just taking the hint that you weren’t meant to go to college.

After watching this video a couple of times I really am annoyed with this broad.   Your rap skills are wiggity wack.    If  anyone of our loyal followers runs into her please give her a swift kick to the back of the head…that’ll shut her up.


Education Connection: ATI Disapproved

Kicking people down some bleachers:  ATI Approved

Darkne$$  aka Buddy Love To