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The reception at the return of ATI has been nice. Frequency of posts won’t be as high as they once were, but if we can lower just one person’s Passion just a little bit, then we’ve successfully done what we set out to do. This post was initially an RAL then I realized this was worthy of a full post.

So about a week ago my Playstation died. Interesting note, I think I also died a little bit inside about a week ago. I had no idea how dependent I was on it until I got that mothercuffin flashing red light. I still see that flashing red light every time I close my eyes, it haunts me. I shut it down for two days then tried it again, I knew it wouldn’t work but I had to try. Maybe I’m masochistic. Maybe I enjoy Passion. Maybe enjoying Passion is the only way to defeat Passion (Passion will strike me down for that previous sentence. Passion has a book of rules. One of those rules is you can not use the word defeat directly before or after the word Passion.) Who knows. I don’t. So It turned on. Awesome right? I even got to start a game of NBA 2k11. Sweet. Then at tip off it shutoff on me. Surprised? No. But did it hurt? Yes, yes it hurt deeply (NH). Here are a few things I apparently didn’t do when my playstation was operational:

Leave my bed- Those who know me know I love my bed. I only need half a reason to get in bed, not even a whole one. Just half. I sat on the couch for an extended period of time the day after my PS3 broke. It felt like I hadn’t spent more than 10 or 15 minutes in my living room for months. It was a nice change, the couch is pretty comfortable. Not quite bed comfortable, but not bad. I was a new man.

Eat a normal dinner- I would come home, get in bed and start playing. I’d get hungry after like 2 hours and go eat some Ramen (the staple of any mid 20s male diet) and tuna or some spinach and tuna. I hadn’t cooked since the UFC/Strikeforce Merger. Pretty sad, it’s ok. You can laugh.

Work out regularly – “I’ll start on Monday”, what every person says when they haven’t been working out on a regular basis. This phrase had become a staple in my vocabulary. It was right after “Banter”, “Drawls”, and “Passion”. I’d get home and be like yea, I’m going to get a lift today. Then I’d sit in my bed and I’d say well, I can play one game. Next thing you know I’m eating tuna and ramen and I’ve been playing video games for three hours.

Watch TV – TV from 6 to 8 is incredible. Two and a Half Men (props to Charlie Sheen on his recent tirade. No, I’m not going to drop a Cahrlie sheen quote, they’re so outplayed), The Office, How I Met Your Mother, King of Queens, Family Guy. Way better than “Primetime” TV from 8 to 10 which is nothing more than TERRIBLE reality TV. Before I would turn my PS3 on then stream shows on my computer. It’s nice because I watch what I want, but still. I love post work TV.

Be productive on a Saturday- Hungover or not (more often than not I’d be hungover), I’d wake up and lay in bed for hours playing. HOURS. I was setting records and then breaking them for amount of time spent playing. They should have set up a PS3 achievement just for me and the amount of time I’d spend playing on a Saturday. I wouldn’t get out of bed until the afternoon, late in the afternoon at that. I was PROUD of this. I am  no longer proud of it. I’m intensely saddened that I honestly did that.

Maybe I don’t fix it, maybe I do. Only time will tell. Right now it’s a blessing in disguise as the job hunt has increased 10 fold because a majority of the time I spent playing video games (3-10 hours a day, maybe more) I spend writing cover letters. BTW, COVER LETTERS ARE THE DEVIL. The really are. An example of a cover letter is next to the word “Devil” in the dictionary. Seriously, who invented cover letters? Who? I know the topic of my next post: Cover letters and how I want to kick the person who invented them squarely in the chest. Twice.

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