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“She say she are the manager”

Posted: January 15, 2010 by Logic in Generic Banter
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I know some people don’t like Jim Rome. Personally, the 3 hours he’s on the radio are the least passionate hours of my day. Note: I said least passionate. It is still full of passion, because he comes on at lunch time and lunch is the ultimate BOTP. You’re so happy, you get a little break from work and food is always delicious(I’m getting chipotle today. My happiness could not be higher). That 20 mins or so or however long you eat for its a little slice of heaven in the office. Then, BOOM, just like that its done its over. You took that last bite and now all you can do is look at the remains. You lick your finger and try to pick up any left over crums, but its useless. It’s all gone. And, undoubtedly, IT WASN’T ENOUGH. It’s never enough. Now all you want to do is eat more because you got a little taste of it, but you can’t. And just like that, it’s time to go back to work and you inevitably die a little bit on the inside. Everyone who works knows exactly what im talking about.

Wow, I got completely off subject. Anyway, Jim Recently played this 911 call. The call is from like last spring but I just heard it for the first time, so if I’m behind F you I don’t care I have a life beyond youtube. I feel like any kind of intro to the video will take away from it. All I will say is it is the epitome of ig’nance. Fast forward to 1:09 and go to about 2:05 to skip Jim Rome and hear just the call.

We’ve talked about fast food before here and more specifically McDonalds here, but never has the ig’nance reached this extent. Things you CAN NOT call 911 for, including but not limited to: McDonalds disputes, flag football arguments, a clogged toilet, a hangover, or a store not having what you want. 911 calls should generally be limited to murders, fires, and injuries

“There’s no manager there?” says the 911 operator. “She say she are the manager” says 911 caller. That back and forth about sums it up. You catch the end though? “Alright I’ll send an officer”. WHAT????? You’re gonna send an officer???? What if someone gets shot, stabbed, what if there’s a bank robbery? You’re going to be one cop short because this dude is checking in on some lady and her chicken nuggets. This needs to stop America.

Logic aka Damn, I gotta get ready for work

“Like um I Hope like um This Is like um A Stutter”

Posted: October 8, 2009 by Hotdogs Anderson in Sports
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This is a little bit old but I still find it ridiculous.  I really hope that this dude has a stutter, because if not, he clearly needs some speech therapy.

I feel bad for him if its not a stutter, because that is plain Charles Barkley “turrible.”