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Passion truly knows NO bounds. If it isn’t this, it’s that. If it isn’t that, it’s this. Just a little bit of relief, that’s all I’m asking for passion, that’s all. With that, here’s some Logic for ya drawls.  Below are some thoughts on NBA Free Agency

  • Dear Cleveland Economy, you’re F’d. Sincerely, Lebron James. Let’s break down the NBA Free Agency so far and you tell me if my Logic is on point or not. Though as always, if you don’t think it’s on point its simply because your ilLogical.
  • First things first, Joe Johnson gets ABSURDLY overpaid by the Hawks. Honestly, who are the people who make decisions like this? Let me make stupid ass decisions and I’ll do it for less than half of what you’re paying these guys now. This was the first domino because it narrows the options for the Knicks, Nets, Bulls, etc. Then Rudy Gay stays with the Grizzlies, again narrowing down options. Then the first big domino falls:
  • Amare Stoudemire signs with the Knicks. Is he a max guy? Not if you ask me. But the Knicks had to do something, because they currently have nothing. We’ll come back to this, I think it may prove to be important.
  • D Wade and Lebron both drop hints that they want to stay where they are, but want their teams to show improvement. Both teams try getting better, but both having trouble. Toronto says they would do a sign and trade with Cleveland, Bosh says F Cleveland. Wade beats Lebron in the race for Chris Bosh, Bosh is reportedly heading to Miami with Wade.
  • 15 minutes after Bosh says he’s going to Miami, Lebron says he’s holding a press conference Thursday night to announce his decision. All proceeds from advertisements of the hour long show going to the Boys and Girls Club, props to LBJ for that.
  • Now I clearly left some things out from the free agency period, but included the important parts for my argument that Lebron will be a New York Knick. If you asked me this question exactly 24 hours ago, I would have laughed at the Knicks as an option.
  • Reasoning: He was trying to get Bosh to Cleveland and it wasn’t until AFTER Bosh decided he wasn’t coming to Cleveland. Why wait to say your staying in Cleveland until after Bosh denies you and CTown? Lebron strikes me as pretty Logical, or at least the people around him are. So logically you have Plan A) Bosh comes to CTown and plan B) ?. Plan B to me, HAS to be leave Cleveland, because as I said you don’t wait to say your staying.  So go to play for a first time coach with Derrick Rose? Or go play under Mike D’antoni and with Amare Stoudemire? Yup, I gotta say New York is looking pretty good.
  • If i was to handicap, I’d say 55% NY, 25% CTown, 20% Chitown. Why am I following this so much? This directly affects my life. If LBJ leaves, a black hole will form around the Quicken Loans Arena and Cleveland will collapse into itself.
  • Interesting side note, I know nothing and could be 100% wrong. I HOPE he stays in CTown, but right now it’s just not looking all that promising.
  • My one bit of non NBA related RAL, Cristiano Ronaldo used a surrogate mom. Pause. Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo used a surrogate mom. Or did he just knock a chick up, pay her millions of dollars to stay quiet and to get sole custody? I think part two sounds a little more accurate…