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Posted: November 21, 2010 by Cleotus Jenkins aka the Slow Stroka in Generic Banter, Musical Knowledge
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BBM is cool but this song is wack as hell:

In case y’all missed it, SNL went Stoopid McNoogle hard on Brett Favre on Saturday night: Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ha.  That is great.  Best line was definitely “Look, I put my pants on just like anyone else, one leg at a time…then I pull my penis out.”  GUFFAW.

I wonder what Brett was thinking about this sketch?


Why did I have to send those?

-Hotdogs Anderson



Tuesday is the worst day of the week….fact. Good to know it isn’t killing Carlton’s swag though.

The moves at :21 are serious…

Hmmmmm, that ain't Tiger's Ex-wife...

Let’s wager some guesses:

So Tigerhoe #11 (or #12, or #13, 0r #24; who knows) / porn star Devon James is attempting to sell a sex tape featuring Eldrick, herself, and a “3rd party.”

Apparently she’s shopping it to Vivid today.  What is her asking price???



In the words of Cleo, “Tiger paid off the wrong hoes.  Let’s goooo Woods.  Pay off the chick that got you on tape doing dirty ish!”  This chick had the nerve to say

If Vivid won’t pay enough, we’re going to self-release the tape… It’s going to be the bomb.

The BOMB?  Bish this ain’t 1995.  No one is rocking Saucony’s and Girbaud jeans.  She also said this of the tape:

The tape is 62 minutes long and 37 minutes of it is us having sex.

What the hell are ya’ll doing the other 25 minutes???  Is Tiger teaching you how to putt?  Is it a conversation between the two of you about his red shirts on Sundays?  Or is it something really dirty like some R. Kelly ish?

Either way Tiger, you best throw this chick an a$$load of money so this tape doesn’t see the light of day.  Because if it does, say goodbye to EVERY sponsor you have.

-Hotdogs Anderson

In the words of Logic, “I was finna” drop a new music post today… until I saw this:


That was just pure trash.  Let’s get a quick review:

  • Big a$$ heffa? – Check
  • Horrible rap name? – Check
  • Egregious stunna shades? – Check
  • Unnecessary grill? – Check
  • Ridiculous chest tatt? – Check
  • Too many Ed Hardy summer dresses? – Check
  • Random Black cosigner? – Check
  • Weird hair do involving ROYGBIV colored streaks? – Check
  • Ol’ girl’s kids making a cameo in the song? – Check
  • L.A. Gear light-up heels? – Check
  • TURRIBLE, TURRIBLE, TURRIBLE lyrics? – Double Check

This is just straight up whack.  There’s nothing else you can say about it.  Hi Dolla Honey needs to go back to her day job as that ghetto a$$ secretary at Mo Money Taxes:

-Hotdogs Anderson

P.S. Make sure you play close attention to when she has her grill out.  HER TEETH ARE SO BUSTED!!!  She needs to keep that grill in at all times.

It’s Friday ya’ll! Don’t be afraid to be overly excited, we’re easin’ our way right on through this day and into the coveted weekend. Take care of your business in the morning, take a nice long lunch(maybe treat yourself to a casual or two), and then open up that excel spreadsheet in the afternoon and sit there like you are working until 5 o’clock. Once you walk out those office doors, feel free to hit a little shimmy like Tyrone after finding half a crack rock in his drawls.

Grits is ready to get it in this weekend. I’m gettin my FIFA on and delivering a bender to the dome of our worthy adversary. Naturally, Passion has been shrunken to the size of a small child with the heavy artillery I have been throwing at it, I mean I’ve been perpetually peppering passion with piercing pellets of pure power(OHHH step your illiteration game up). This picture should describe where I stand with Passion for the weekend. Gotcha B**ch!!

Come Monday the roles will be reversed, but you gotta savour the flavor of every won battle. PEACE


What’s REALLY good with everybody? I was on my usual Monday morning quest for entertaining videos on those internets when I came across this gold mine…Enjoy, but not too much.

LET’S GOOOOO Spelling Bee word pickers…you CAN’T be serious!

It is clear that this kid is having a mental battle of some kind during his turn. His generic questions like “Can you use it in a sentence?” and “What’s the language or origin?” are clearly meant to buy time to sort out his conflicted little mind. You HOPE that his inner turmoil is not simply how to spell the word, but rather does he want to participate in this particular spelling bee’s mockery of neegs everywhere? It’s hilariously coincidental that the origin and definition have direct ties to Ethiopia…cradle of CUFFIN civilization! Poor Andrew is in a hell of a spot…I know the little guy is from North Carolina but damn it’s 2010! THEN he’s got the judge chirpin like..Andrew..could you say the word nice and loud for the judges…just so EVERYone knows the absurdity of the word choice?? He knows what he did right after he spelled the word, hence his reaction 1:35 where it looks like Black Dynamite just appeared in front of him ready to teach him a lesson.

The black folks sitting behind little Andrew’s parents are completely stunned at 1:47…lookin around like “Does anybody else find this unbelievably effed up??” Sh*****t, it’s the world we live in I guess. Lil Jon’s ognant arse went ahead and took advantage.

-Grits and Gravy