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From the CCA who brought you Double Dream Hands

comes the new Double Dream Feet:

What in the world made this guy think this dance up?  It’s hilarious yet turrible at the same time.

Charles Barkley does not approve and neither does ATI:

-Hotdogs Anderson

In case y’all missed it, SNL went Stoopid McNoogle hard on Brett Favre on Saturday night: Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ha.  That is great.  Best line was definitely “Look, I put my pants on just like anyone else, one leg at a time…then I pull my penis out.”  GUFFAW.

I wonder what Brett was thinking about this sketch?


Why did I have to send those?

-Hotdogs Anderson



The following quote from the Reverend Jesse Jackson regarding Cavs owner Dan Gilbert’s open letter about Lebron’s departure from Cleveland leads me to believe that he wakes up each morning and washes his bacon and eggs down with a tall glass of ice cold ig’nance.

“His[Dan Gilbert’s] feelings of betrayal personify a slave master mentality… (Gilbert) sees LeBron as a runaway slave.”…Yea Alex, I’ll take absurd comparisons for 5 thousand please.  Wasn’t this the same dude who said he wanted to cut Obama’s nuts off??  LG Rev…can’t be letting these things happen on a regular basis.  Your credibility is about as high as my drawls right now due to Monday morning Passion.  Cut his nuts off? Damn..

You sir, deserve a powder slap from the black hand side.


Everybody have a good long weekend? I had an outstanding long weekend.  I was just inebriated enough all weekend not to think about the fact that despite the short work week, we start on the worst day of said work week.  Everybody having a good Tuesday? No? Me neither…Passion has my soul in a cold crack head grip today.  Don’t ask yourself why, simply refer to the Balance of Passion. Now about this time of day I try to get my viral video fix that will combat passion via moments of laughter and joy, but I usually stumble upon a lot of ignance during this harmless pastime. This is one of those times.

Ok…I know it’s the summer time and kids are bored.  Maybe some kids are looking to be the next youtube reason for white people to laugh at minorities superstar.  Please note: I am not glorifying this video.  Do I enjoy chicken and all its varieties? Of course.  Do I enjoy music? Of course.  While I do enjoy a comfortable level of nonsense, and maybe even tasteful forms of ignance…I just can’t get behind this due to the sheer blatant stereotypes it brings to the table.  And how is this kid’s pops gonna just walk behind him unfazed during this escapade nodding his head like “I’m so proud of you boy, sing about that cuffin’ chicken.”  Making fun of this ish is what got Dave Chapelle addicted to crack.  You can’t be publicly perpetuating this ish…A real good video would’ve featured your father giving you a hearty powder slap and telling you to get a summer job.  You’re better than that.

What is going on this week?? Darkne$$ clearly pointed out how crippling Monday passion was…and with Tuesday’s weekly onslaught upon us, we gotta stay protected. Unfortunately after sitting behind this desk all morning my Kung Fu while trying to fend off passion looks a little something like this…

We gotta do better, good luck this afternoon people.


Some people really love Waka Flocka Flame.  They even teach their kids his songs (language NSFW):


-Hotdogs Anderson


“Power Stroke”. Wish I could have gotten a picture of the entire truck. Let’s just say dude went above and beyond